Bailey Rose Finds the Perfect Furever Home!

It's been 6 months and I wanted to let you know how Bailey is doing. She

has been a wonderful addition to our family. She has actually helped our

other dog, Terrapin, lose close to 10lbs with the exercise Bailey needs

twice daily. We take them to park everyday the weather allows us and let

them run around. Bailey has learned many commands and words quickly and we

try to add more as time passes. I may have told you we got her a bed from

Orvis matching Terrapin's, with her name embroidered on the side, but she

has staked a claim to the spare bedroom and sleeps on the bed. Her fur has

grown fuller and healthier than I'm sure since she was a puppy and she

always greets us with a smile in the morning when we wake and when we walk

through the door from being away. In short, my Boo Bear is the best since

sliced bread. I wanted to show you pictures from when we got her to just

last Monday. These are just a few marking her life with us.

She's begging for a run now - gotta go!


Becca & Josh