Chip is now "Chester". It's a name he responds to from us. He's doing well on house training, except when he gets really happy meeting a new face.

He is getting on with catching a Frisbee and fetching the tennis ball. He's found a great way to amuse himself when I'm doing household chores. He tosses the tennis ball down the stairs and then runs after it and brings it back up the stairs skipping two at a time. He does this about three of four times before attacking his chewing bones. Making himself look really tall before jumping and pouncing upon the bone, you'd think he weighed 100 pounds.

Chester likes to play with me on the floor before he has to go into his crate so I can go to work. On our last hike along the river, he was ready to take a swim and herd the ducks. Maybe another time Chester.

This morning was his first time being walked in the rain. Such a pouting puppy. Normally he just likes to sniff the school aged children as they walk to the bus stop but, not this morning, too wet! He's also discovered the wonderful world of squirrels and wants to herd them too. Good thing we have a tough leash on him. Upon our return he laid down and rolled over the towel to dry off and even held out his paws for me to dry off his toes. He's so neat.

- Chester and Dave