Here's our story - Our family lost our dog to cancer in August of this year. We had him for 14 years. After he was gone, it was difficult to go anywhere in our house without having some memory of him. We decided that we wanted another dog with some of the same features and characteristics of him.

Shadow was a Border Collie mix that we found at our neighborhood Humane Society. We, of course, went there first, but they had no puppies. We started looking on the internet thru our local newspaper, and came across a group of puppies from ARC Border Collie Rescue (ARCBCR). We went to their website to learn more about the organization, decided to fill out and application and see what would happen.

We were not sure if the puppies were still available or even if we would hear from anyone. But the next day we had an e-mail from Chuck who said that the next step in the process was for him to come out to our house for a home visit. He did, we were approved, and then we received an e-mail from Sandy, asking us to come to see the puppies.

We drove to Sandy's house, which is 3 1/2 hrs away, to see the ARCBCR puppies in person. We picked Roxy - who is a Border Collie/American Eskimo mix. She was at the time 14 weeks old. She had all of her first shots, was de-wormed and had been spayed, she was even crate trained - WOW. She is a very happy, active pup. We took her to our vet, who said that Roxy is very healthy, alert pup. We are very pleased with her and I know that she is very happy with us, just by her reactions when she sees us any time we come into a room.


Barbra, Dave and family