Happy Family - Ivan and Tess

Merry Christmas to you, ARCBCR, and thank you for all you do for these wonderful dogs! Tess is truly a gem. My  Dad's, Ivan the wonderful , has truly been a godsend for my Dad , my aunt and our whole family ! Senior dogs rock !!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !! 

Libby Harding

Kenzie (Nicole) Becomes a City Dog!


I adopted my dog Kenzie (formerly, Nicole) from ARCBCR in June 2010.  She was fostered by Sandy Wright.  I wanted to let Sandy and others at ARCBCR know that I could not be happier with Kenzie, and that she's doing great.  We moved from Chapel Hill, NC to Washington, DC back in May, and she has adjusted well to being a city dog.  I run with her almost every day, and we go on lots of hikes in Rock Creek Park.  I've attached a picture from a hike we did in Manassas back in September and another of her in an extended family photo (making me look really good by being so well-behaved!).  Anyway, I just wanted to say hello and thank you again for rescuing her.  She is a wonderful companion and is very much loved by me and my entire family!

Happy Holidays!

Jennifer Renn

Nemo & Lucy

We’ve adopted two dogs from the ARCBCR, one about eight years ago, Nemo with the blue eyes, and another a year ago, Lucy.


Arnie and Jack

A picture says a thousand words and so much more ... The Lindley family adopted two lucky puppies from our program, first they added Arnie (formerly Hank) to their family in May 2012 and then adopted Jack (formerly Ted) one year later in April 2013.  As you can tell from the photos above, both are very happy and much loved in their forever family!

Dare & Teddy

Dare who was dog reactive, and Hondo (now Teddy) is the red/white handsome boy. Hondo/Teddy was just a pleasure of a boy but he sure didn’t look like that when he came into rescue!  So proud of all the work Carol as done with them both!! 


Here's our story - Our family lost our dog to cancer in August of this year. We had him for 14 years. After he was gone, it was difficult to go anywhere in our house without having some memory of him. We decided that we wanted another dog with some of the same features and characteristics of him.

Shadow was a Border Collie mix that we found at our neighborhood Humane Society. We, of course, went there first, but they had no puppies. We started looking on the internet thru our local newspaper, and came across a group of puppies from ARC Border Collie Rescue (ARCBCR). We went to their website to learn more about the organization, decided to fill out and application and see what would happen.

We were not sure if the puppies were still available or even if we would hear from anyone. But the next day we had an e-mail from Chuck who said that the next step in the process was for him to come out to our house for a home visit. He did, we were approved, and then we received an e-mail from Sandy, asking us to come to see the puppies.

We drove to Sandy's house, which is 3 1/2 hrs away, to see the ARCBCR puppies in person. We picked Roxy - who is a Border Collie/American Eskimo mix. She was at the time 14 weeks old. She had all of her first shots, was de-wormed and had been spayed, she was even crate trained - WOW. She is a very happy, active pup. We took her to our vet, who said that Roxy is very healthy, alert pup. We are very pleased with her and I know that she is very happy with us, just by her reactions when she sees us any time we come into a room.


Barbra, Dave and family


Chip is now "Chester". It's a name he responds to from us. He's doing well on house training, except when he gets really happy meeting a new face.

He is getting on with catching a Frisbee and fetching the tennis ball. He's found a great way to amuse himself when I'm doing household chores. He tosses the tennis ball down the stairs and then runs after it and brings it back up the stairs skipping two at a time. He does this about three of four times before attacking his chewing bones. Making himself look really tall before jumping and pouncing upon the bone, you'd think he weighed 100 pounds.

Chester likes to play with me on the floor before he has to go into his crate so I can go to work. On our last hike along the river, he was ready to take a swim and herd the ducks. Maybe another time Chester.

This morning was his first time being walked in the rain. Such a pouting puppy. Normally he just likes to sniff the school aged children as they walk to the bus stop but, not this morning, too wet! He's also discovered the wonderful world of squirrels and wants to herd them too. Good thing we have a tough leash on him. Upon our return he laid down and rolled over the towel to dry off and even held out his paws for me to dry off his toes. He's so neat.

- Chester and Dave



Here's a little picture collage of Rookie, he's our success story!

Thank you again for everything!
Jenny & Joe    

Happy Holidays for Dixie

Here's a photo of Dixie, who used to sit on your porch and be "Trinket." She is a wonderful dog and we are SO pleased with her. She loves her friend, Marley, who was another of your rescue dogs adopted by my daughter, Kimberly, in November, 2005. Although they don't live together, they look forward to visits with each other. We end up laughing so hard at their antics! Happy Holidays to all and bless you for the wonderful work you do!

Sincerely, Cath, Mart & Kimberly Dixie and Marley

Miss Kelly now Katie

We adopted “Miss Kelly” after we lost our beloved Border Collie “Kelly” after 14 years. We were so sad and very hesitant to adopt again but we needed a special dog to mend our broken hearts. That’s when we found “Miss Kelly”, now “Katie”. “Katie” celebrated her 2nd birthday on February 14, 2007 Valentine’s Day, and she has become the cutest, funniest little girl and is beginning to trust people. She has even warmed up to her “grandparents”, taking a nap with “grandma” on the bed. “Katie” looks forward to her walks in the park, meeting people, and playing with her favorite toys, tennis and soccer balls. She is definitely coming out of her shell. Our sweet tempered little girl is super toy motivated and just loves stealing our shoes and sneakers, which makes us laugh. The daily phrase in our household is “Katie, where is Pop-Pop’s other shoe”? Her first visit to the vet went off without a hitch. The doctor even said, “You got lucky”. Needless to say, we are very lucky! “Katie” stole our hearts and is being spoiled rotten. Thank you Sandy and Atlantic Region Central Border Collie Rescue, Inc. for helping to bring her into our lives.

- Andy & Karen